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Created in Canada by choreographer Richard "Rich'Art" Laubonet,

Djamboola® Fitness completely changes the face of the cardio-strength training based dances, bringing more variety, more dynamic, more efficiency on the physical and mental health, with a touch more festive, more entertaining. That is what we call: "Enjaillement" (enjoyment).
Djamboola Fitness sessions are made of small choreographies simple and

easy to follow. A tasty and rhythmic mix primarily made of African cardio-dances.  (Traditional style “tam-tam” sounds, afro-beat such as "Coupé-Décalé-Azonto-NDombolo"). As well as dances from all over the world such as Hip-hop / RnB, Ragga-Dancehall, Soca, Zouk / Kompa / Kizomba, etc ...).

Djamboola classes are an effective way of burning a maximum amount of calories, without noticing it.

The movements allow you to tighten your thighs, belly, glute muscles, arms, etc... while you are partying.

By learning the basis of several different dances, you not only work your gestural, but your auditory, because you will learn to distinguish different musical styles as well.

You develop further reflexes, coordination and alertness. In addition, the Djamboola Fitness creates bubbling energy and good humor, and when practiced repeatedly, will forever change your life in a positive way.

Like a real dancing machine, the Djamboola fitness instructor is a motivator, an "entertainer" who uses all means to maintain the atmosphere of the class at an unbeatable festive level (whistle blowing, motivating shouts, dynamic interaction with participants, and so on ...).

In summary ... With the Djamboola Fitness concept, you do not go to a training place. You go to a party. And by its structure, this party will help keep you in excellent shape.

"Our vision is to introduce the Djamboola® into the lifestyle of every human being.

We believe that having a happy mind in a healthy body is the best way to make a social environment which helps to make our world better.

We believe Djamboola® is a very effective solution to achieve it." Rich'Art

Rich'Art. Créateur du Djamboola®

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